Basic PLC Training System

Nowadays, there is a competition amongst the developed countries in presenting the most efficient production process control methods. Most of the equipment used for this purpose includes Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) systems.

Our PLC-based Process Control Training Set, PC-205, is designed to examine procedures of controlling the level, pressure, and temperature of a flow in synthetic or separate forms.


  • Advanced PLC concepts
  • Monitoring and HMI
  • Capable of applying temperature, pressure and level sensors
  • Setting up the AC motors by an inverter
  • PID concepts
  • Velocity control and encoder concepts
  • Exclusive operation of inverter, touch panel and PLC
  • Highly operational (inputs and outputs of PLC, drive, sensors, operators) within the shortest time and with the least risk for the user
  • Flexible PLC and inverter type
  • Adaptive to the Aadvanced PLC Training Set


Major Components:

1x LOGO! 230 RC or LOGO! 24RC

1x LOGO! Power

1x LOGO! DM8 Digital Input/Output Module

1x LOGO! USB PC cable

1x LOGO! Soft Comfort