Smart Solutions Systems Inc.

Smart Solutions Systems Inc. was founded in Quebec, Canada, by a group of experts planning to put to use their vast experience and knowledge. They did so while having in mind the importance of education and the important role of investment in the educational market.


Through the expertise of industrial and educational professionals, Smart Solutions Systems Inc. has created a Technical and Engineering department at the company headquarters.

This department is currently active in the field of design and development of educational equipment. The department also offers consulting services to customers to facilitate purchase and create trustful procurement.

Following the actual trends in the market and technological and design changes, the company designs prototypes of, and produces various types of educational, laboratory and workshop equipment for all levels of education.

Today, with the years of experience offering educational services, the company has proceeded (with the aid of the R&D department and the experienced and skilled staff) to offer services in the form of the categories below:

  • Consultation in the process of building laboratories for schools and educational centers.
  • Consultation in the process of purchasing educational equipment.
  • Design of educational content in line with educational needs.
  • Design of required educational spaces.
  • Supply of educational equipment.
  • Design and production of made-to-order educational equipment.
  • Teaching of major educational topics.
  • Hands-on teaching of methods of use of educational equipment.
  • Production and procurement of various educational posters.
  • Production and procurement of a variety of educational furniture.

From basic training to the planning, control and handling of complex networked systems and turn-key learning centers and laboratories, Smart Solutions Systems Inc. is the leading supplier of equipment for all vocational and continuing training institutions. Our solutions are developed to meet your specific requirements.

Our services are global, wherever you need us, we will be there! Our after-sale services and trainings are also offered where our products are used. That’s how we guarantee our service quality and reliability all around the world.