HD-801 Hydraulic Cutaway Models

Some teachers encourage students to tear down real components to find out how they work and what parts they are made of. This is a good idea when it comes to one or two components. But do students have enough time to do so for every component? Do they have access to a variety of components? How many students can do this during a limited number of sessions?

There are some other tactics to let our students have a better grasp of what their training is all about. One of the most intelligible ways of demonstrating is to use real models which are carefully cut away and painted in order to expose critical parts and important functions. Using these models, you can save your valuable time and goes directly where your students can feel and comprehend the material being taught. While designing and crafting our hydraulic Cutaway sets, we carefully select components and study them in order to choose the best combination of cutaway parts and make sure no details remain unnoticed. Some parts are made of acrylic for improved clarity. A variety of colors are applied and some parts are plated to make sure that everything is understandable and durable.

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Main Features:

  • High quality finishing for durability and aesthetics appeal
  • Lightweight
  • Engraved nameplate with Hydraulic Symbols
  • Preserved details for better comprehension
  • Solid and robust body and base
  • Custom-made components to meet your curricular requirements

Main Components:

  • ِDouble Effect Cylinder
  • ِExternal Gear Pump
  • ِPilot Operated Directional Valve
  • ِPilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve
  • ِOrbitrol Steering Valve
  • ِ4/3-Directional Control Valve (electro-hydraulically operated)
  • ِVariety of Solenoid Valves (per request)
  • ِVariety of Pilot Oprated Valves (per request)
  • ِAxial Piston Pump
  • ِPiston Accumulator
  • ِBladder Accumulator