AM-201 Drive Technology Training System

The family of Siemens MICROMASTER Frequency Inverters address drive applications in the power range of 0.12 kW up to 250 kW; from simple applications with voltage-frequency control (V/f control) to complex applications with closed-loop vector control and encoder feedback.

The AM-201 Drive Technology Training System is designed for the development of basic drive technology using Siemens MICORMASTER 420 inverter. It is designed so all the basics of the inverters can be easily understood. The AM-201 is equipped with an asynchronous squirrel-cage motor connected to a tachometer speedometer. Variation of motor speed in results of inverter operations is shown on the LCD for understanding the inverter functionality.

The most important components:

  • 1x Siemens MICROMASTER 420
  • 1x Three-Phase Asynchronous AC Motor